High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth can add complexity to issues such as property division, child support, and spousal maintenance, necessitating that only skilled and highly knowledgeable attorneys handle these types of cases. In our experience, high-stakes divorce cases can be dramatic, resource-intensive, long, and stressful for both the client and the lawyer. An attorney must have the professional fortitude, experience and adequate resources at his or her disposal as well as access to top professional experts to effectively represent clients in these cases.

In any family law case, but particularly in high net worth cases involving unique or complex financial issues, the lawyer you choose can make all the difference in the outcome. At Purcell Law, you get more than standard legal representation. You get a strategic legal approach that will work with you to achieve your goals and protect your interests.

Issues Affecting High Asset Divorce Cases

Typically, divorce cases involving high net worth are multi-faceted and consist of more variables than standard divorce cases. These cases are complex and require sophisticated lawyering to produce a successful outcome. Our team of skilled attorneys has handled divorce cases that involved the following issues:

Business Ownership, Assets, Or Professional Practice

Often, wealth is directly connected to a business, business interests, or other assets that must be valued. Our firm frequently works with experts who can accurately determine this value. A winning case in many instances comes down to a battle of expert opinion. We carefully select and work with these experts to present a strong case and weaken the opposing expert’s arguments.

Forensic Accounting

We utilize forensic research and expert tracing techniques in order to accurately determine the parties’ financial holdings and history. In addition to accurately determining the extent of the property, we determine the character of the property (whether it is community or separate property).

Legal, Finacing, Accounting, And Tax Issues

A lawyer in a high net worth divorce case must be able to detect a wide range of legal, finance, accounting, and tax related issues. Issues like these often play a role in business entities, real estate, high-value collections, benefit plans, and other tangible and intangible property.

Spousal Maintenance (Support/Alimony)

Significant financial spousal maintenance is often a major issue to be negotiated or litigated.

Public Exposure

High-risk exposure can be an issue if one or both parties engage in dramatic, combative, and excessive discovery, negotiation, mediation, and/or litigation. There are tools and techniques available to minimize unwanted public attention, and preserve privacy.


Contact Purcell Law to get experienced legal advice on divorce cases involving high-value assets, business interests, or international issues. We have helped many clients in similar situations.