Local Court info

Helping You Access Information

As we move throughout your case, this page is meant to provide to you quick links to get you to information pertinent to your case and be a resource when you need court information for your hearings (after hours or in the event you don’t have the pre-hearing website information).

We want to ensure that as our client you are well-informed and involved in your case. We hope that this information will help you feel empowered and protected throughout the legal process as the legal forum is meant to be open and accessible.

For Benton/Franklin County Cases

Below is the link to the Court Administration website where you can find the Court’s daily schedule (what courtroom your case may be in), Court dockets (where your case is going to be heard), Court calendars (what days cases are heard on), etc.:


Below is the link to the website where Franklin County post their court dockets:


Below is the link for Local Court Rules for Benton/Franklin County (note domestic case rules start at LCR 94.04 on page 31):


For Walla Walla Cases

Below is the link to the Court’s website where you can find docket information and the Court calendars:


Walla Walla Local Court Rules:


Washington State Cases

Below is the link for the Revised Code of Washington that governs domestic relations cases (ie. this is where you will find statutes that affect, or are relevant to, your case):


Below is the link for general Court Rules applicable to Washington State cases: